Search Program

Our Search Program is laser-focused on growing organic traffic to your website.

We combine long-form topic-driven content, custom graphics, and brand-friendly outreach & link acquisition. In other words – we built the results-driven, full-service content marketing program you’ve been looking for.

We know why you’re here:

You want to rapidly grow organic search for your brand and start to build your audience through SEO.

Let’s face it, that’s why 80% of brands are investing in content marketing.

You know you need a content program with “great content” that your audience is going to like and that people will link to, but you don’t have the resources (or desire) to build an in-house team with a managing editor, former journalists, graphic designers, and a content outreach specialist.

Our Search Program solves that. We’ve taken 8 years of content marketing agency experience and rolled it into one standalone program that delivers high-performing content, link acquisition, and SEO results for your brand.

And we can do it for significantly less than it takes to build an in-house team that you have to manage yourself – our programs start as low as $5,000 per month.

“We use long-form content combined with brand-friendly email outreach to deliver evergreen content designed to rank in search.”

Kane Jamison,
-Fixture Media Founder

+100 Referring Domains
+45,000 Monthly Organic Sessions

45,000 new organic visitors per month to client’s blog, a 150% growth within 6 months of kickoff.

How Our Search-Driven Content Program Works

1. We Analyze Your Niche

Our team conducts in-depth keyword research on two fronts: quick wins analysis and content gap analysis. A quick wins analysis finds underperforming content on your site so that we can improve it. Our gap analysis focuses on identifying major keyword opportunities that your competitors are earning traffic from, but you’re not.

2. We Prioritize The Topics

We analyze all of the content opportunities that we’ve identified to figure out which ones offer the best opportunities for traffic growth, link acquisition, and reaching your target audience through search.

Once we’ve identified the initial editorial calendar, we use Content Harmony’s software to build in-depth, data-driven content briefs, helping us build content that can outrank your competitors.

3. We Build The Content

We build the content complete with custom shareable graphics, actual examples, Q&A sections, curated elements, quotes, interviews, and more.

We use a variety of formats, and content is thoroughly-researched and long-form — typically 1,200 to 2,000+ words in length. Our team will use angles like inspirational stories, tutorials, comprehensive explainers, trend updates, evergreen resources, and curated lists.

4. We Launch The Content

We stage and launch the content on your website (or hand off to your team if you prefer) and give your team the social copy and graphics you need to promote the content on your normal channels, like your newsletter and social media feeds. While that is happening, our team is busy prospecting and getting ready for our side of the promotion.

5. We Promote The Content

The secret sauce to our Search Program (aside from putting in the hard work to make the content look awesome) is that we conduct hours of outreach for every asset we publish for your brand.

Our baseline performance goal is to build an average of 1-2 links to every asset.

But, it’s not uncommon to see 4-8+ initial links in certain niches, and most assets go on to earn more organic links over time.

6. We Rinse & Repeat

The key to our Search Program is consistency – just publishing a couple of blog posts isn’t the goal. By publishing content consistently (our smallest program is around 24 new content assets per year) and earning links consistently, our team is able to produce new organic traffic growth that typically compounds for years after we hit publish.

So what is the difference between our Search Program and our Coverage Program?

Search Program

We use long-form content and email outreach to earn links and build organic traffic.

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Coverage Program

We use niche resources and extensive email outreach to earn dozens of links to your content.

Examples Of Promotion Outcomes

We don’t overpromise hordes of links coming out of every content piece we publish.

Instead, we see good results from consistent outreach and promotion, and unlike link acquisition tactics that require big home run efforts, the traffic outcomes from the content we produce are often more valuable long term than the links we acquire.

Example of Referring Domain Growth After 6 Months

Actual 6-month results from a client with $10-15k monthly budget.

Example of Organic Traffic Growth After 6 Months

Actual 6-month results from a client with $10-15k monthly budget.

Content Formats That We’ll Use

We use a combination of keyword research and content performance metrics to identify the core topics your audience searches for, and we’ll look for topics in your space that reliably earn links. Once we pitch you those topics, we might use a variety of content formats like these:

  • Comprehensive Explainers
  • Downloadable Resources
  • Growth Studies
  • Tutorials & How-Tos
  • Group & Individual Interviews
  • Curated Resources

And then we’ll pitch topics like these:

  • How to Onboard Remote Employees
  • 30 Days To A Streamlined Sales Process
  • The Future of WordPress Hosting Options
  • How Ketogenic Diets Really Work
  • Wedding Registry Ideas For Travelers
  • Seattle’s 15 Best Rainy Day Activities For Kids
  • How To Build A Deck For Under $1500
  • Why Top CEOs & Athletes Meditate
  • Vegan Protein Breakfast Ideas
  • What Everyone Needs To Know About App Privacy Settings
  • The Best Way To Smoke Baby Back Ribs
  • How To Choose A Concealer

Keep in mind — the primary goal of these content assets is to make your brand visible for high-traffic terms. We encourage your team to contribute other blog content focused on goals like thought leadership and niche topics in your industry.

What Our Clients Say

We’ve worked extensively with software, eCommerce, and lead gen companies over the years. View more reviews on our Clutch profile.

“The first project that we did with Fixture Media was a test run to see how well we worked together and how good they were. That work increased pageviews on our marketing site by almost 300%, increased our session duration by 150%, and also dropped our bounce rate by about 13%.”

“I have been working with Fixture Media for 2 months now and so far I must say I am impressed with the quality of service they provide. They have been very thorough in project approach and very creative in tackling some of the issues I have challenged them with.”

“I’ve always felt really pleased about Fixture Media’s approach and their responsiveness – they were on the ball and knew hat we were doing since day one. [Within 12 months] we’ve gone from around 5,000 visitors per day to upwards of 90,000 per day from organic search.”


We like to be transparent with our pricing, and we want you to understand how our content marketing programs are structured in order to help you assess whether we’re a good fit for your brand.

And we hate agency sales processes with smoke and mirrors and people guessing each other’s budget and pricing. So, we’re laying our cards out here instead.

Once you reach out, we’ll do our own research on your site to see if we think we can deliver good results for you. Then, we’ll schedule a call to discuss your business and your audience, and answer questions you have about the program.

2x Monthly Program

➡ 2 content launches per month
(24 per year)

➡ Baseline goal of 2-4 links acquired per month

$5,000 per month

4x Monthly Program

➡ 4 content launches per month
(48 per year)

➡ Baseline goal of 4-8 links acquired per month

$10,000 per month

6x Monthly Program

➡ 6 content launches per month
(72 per year)

➡ Baseline goal of 6-12 links acquired per month

$13,800 per month

Custom Programs

➡ 5-10+ content launches per month
(60-120+ per year)

➡ Additional focus areas like expanded link acquisition and content promotion

Custom Quotes Provided

What the heck is a “baseline goal”?

We like to underpromise and overdeliver. With most clients we set a baseline goal to demonstrate what we think is a minimum outcome for the program. Honestly – if we don’t deliver on our baseline goal, we don’t expect to get hired again after the initial term is complete. So our team is heavily incentivized to not only beat our baseline goal, but to hit a larger stretch goal that we set during the proposal process.

Aren’t there cheaper places I can buy content and links?

Yup, but, don’t expect the same content quality, the same dedication to producing custom graphics, and don’t expect those companies to do content outreach that you’d be comfortable putting your brand’s name on. We’ve even hired many of them to do work for websites we own, just to see if we’re missing out on anything.

Our team comes with multiple built-in quality assurances that other teams skip over, from our subject matter hiring process to in-house editing and proofreading. We put the same care into our outreach efforts, and we’re happy to show you all of the outreach that’s going out on behalf of your brand.

When you compare us to other teams that value quality as much as we do, and put as much effort as we do into producing content backed by data-driven keyword research, we’re priced very competitively, and much more transparently.

Program Requirements

Any program this good has to have some entry requirements, right?

We have a few ground rules that are in place to ensure the success of your program.

Branded Email Addresses:

Our program is designed with content promotion going out as [name] If your company isn’t able to create an inbox that can connect to our outreach software, we may need to adjust costs or expectations around what type of link acquisition results you can expect.

We’re Not Your Technical SEO Team:

If your team is struggling with SEO basics on your site, then we may not be your best investment. While our team is seriously good at growing organic traffic, we have to be publishing on a domain with good technical foundations to support that performance. We can refer you to some decent technical SEO consultants or agencies if you need help with that first.

Working Analytics & Conversion Tracking:

We need to be able to see goals like email signups, contact inquiries, and eCommerce conversions accurately tracking in Google Analytics. We can help you set this up if it’s missing or not up to our standards.

Flexible Editorial Requirements:

Part of the program success is tied to the type of content we produce. We’ll bring ideas to you that are relevant to your business but more importantly, they’ll be interesting to your audience and backed by traffic and link opportunities.

The goal is not to produce an article on why people should buy what you’re selling — the goal is to get your target audience to visit your site and start a relationship with your brand. You can retarget them from there to learn more about your products.

Up-To-Date Website Software & Design:

We can make this program work on multiple platforms, however, if your site was built on Joomla and designed in 2009, then we probably aren’t going to be the best use of your marketing budget.

Retargeting & Email Marketing:

While we can drive great on-topic traffic to your site, those visitors are unlikely to buy something after reading a blog post. That’s why we recommend proactive email acquisition and retargeting efforts to make the most out of the on-brand traffic that we produce. If you’re not already doing active email acquisition and retargeting, our team can run this for you or help you get started.


If you work at another agency or vendor, and your clients could benefit from being exposed to a larger potential audience while simultaneously investing in SEO, please reach out regarding referral or partnership opportunities.

Note: Unfortunately our services are too high touch for us to be able to offer white-label partnerships.