22 Placements For Evergreen Solar Power Asset

Placement & links from VICE, The Honolulu Star-Advertiser, Rocky Mountain Institute, CleanTechnica, and more.


Placements & Links


Our client saw 22 local and national press mentions of their brand and the graphic guide due to our outreach campaign.

Share Of Voices


Press coverage of the graphic guide covered 40% of Google search results for top terms related to tax incentives for solar in the client’s state.

The Problem

In 2011, the average cost of electricity in Hawaii was 112% higher than in New York, the second highest in the country. However, the state of Hawaii offers a 35% personal tax credit on all new installations for solar photovoltaic systems. Overall, with the tax credit and annual energy savings, a typical installation will pay for itself in 3-5 years.

Our client, already one of the top 5 solar installers in the competitive Hawaii marketplace, was looking for a way to communicate this to new and existing customers in the Hawaii solar market and introduce their company to buyers earlier in the solar purchasing process.

Our Solution

Fixture Media created a ‘Hawaii Solar Tax Credits & Financial Incentives” graphic to clearly visually communicate:

  • The rising costs of electricity in Hawaii.
  • A cost comparison of electricity across Hawaiian islands.
  • The complete list of Federal and State tax incentives available.

The graphic was aimed to be a brand awareness piece that could be promoted through local and environmental channels and help increase brand visibility and recognition for our client. This piece also served as informational content to engage potential customers actively searching for various benefits to solar photovoltaic installation.

Our team actively promoted this graphic to local and environmentally-focused online publications to help spread awareness for our client and the financial incentives available to Hawaiian residents.


  • Data-Driven Content Research and Creation
  • Email Outreach & Promotion
  • Content Repurposing

Client Profile

  • Audience: B2C
  • Business Model: Home Services
  • Client Size: SMB


The promotional campaign resulted in 22 unique sites mentioning our client and our graphic including primary targets such as ThinkProgress.org, CostofSolar.com, BizJournals.com, EcoWatch.com, and CleanTechnica.com.

Resulting press mentions of the graphic made up 40% of results on page 1 of Google for searches such as “Hawaii solar tax credits” after the campaign was completed.

The client was able to continue promotion offline, with printed 4″ x 9″ rack card versions of the graphic making an excellent “leave-behind” asset for field sales teams.

Our team was also able to repurpose the main infographic by dividing the sections into smaller shareable assets that could be placed throughout key landing pages of the site, and shared on social media.