32,157 Visits Within 3 Weeks of Launch

This paid social launch hit a $0.19 cost per engagement on a targeted (and converting) Facebook audience.


Average Time

22 Minutes

Average time spent viewing our client’s long-form research piece.

Total Audiences

917,749 People

The total audience reach from our 3-week social ad campaign.

Page Views


The unique page views to our client’s content piece within 3 weeks of launch.

The Problem

Our client is a legal lead generation organization. We were tasked with building a promotional campaign for a major content piece timed around current political events using social ads. Our goal was to promote to journalists, bloggers, and niche groups interested in the event in order to build brand awareness for the client, along with a secondary goal of generating leads.

Our Solution

Fixture Media conducted audience research, dividing ads to three audience segments. During this research we built several distinct audience groups using Facebook’s Power Editor Tool and installed pixel tracking to ensure that those who clicked on our ads would not be served the ads again, limiting frequency.

We also worked with the client’s creative team, using the content piece as the basis for written copy and graphic assets that we used to promote the piece. Additionally, we set up tests for a variety of copy and image combinations, as well as testing buttons and audience variations.


  • Content Promotion
  • Social Media Advertising (Facebook & Twitter)
  • Lead Generation

Client Profile

  • Audience: B2C
  • Business Model: Consumer Legal Services
  • Client Size: Medium-sized Startup


After running dozens of ad variations, we pulled from our most successful timeline ads and created a boosted organic post on the client’s Facebook page, boosting to our most successful audience sets and lookalike audiences. By boosting posts from the client’s organic timeline, we were able to reduce CPC and improve their organic reach due to people sharing the ad on their own timeline, maximizing reach.

Our client saw 30,100 page views to their content piece directly attributed to our CPC campaign, which made up 90.2% of all page views during a three week launch period. Additionally, the story had 5,497 shares on Facebook, saw a reach of 917,749, and had a CPC of just $0.40.

Additionally, our client acquired 7 backlinks to their content piece over the course of the campaign that were attributable to paid social advertising targeting journalists and bloggers.

Though the primary goal of the campaign was to drive engagement to the content piece, promotion also drove 10 lead conversions in the first week of the ad campaign.