1,381% 6-Year Traffic Growth For B2B Services Company

That’s a 56.71% compound annual growth rate sustained over a long-term client engagement.


Traffic Growth


Organic traffic consisted of 85% of site visitors in 2018, the sixth year of our engagement.

Year 1 Non-Paid Traffic Growth


Our client saw non-paid traffic increase by 56% during the first year of our engagement.

The Problem

Our client is a B2B services company serving enterprise clients. Their team was looking to improve their presence in organic search and use this channel to acquire new customers, with most of their previous business coming through PPC and referrals.

Our Solution

Fixture Media began the engagement with a technical site & architecture audit. Our recommendations included on-site best practices for organic search as well as structuring internal pages and linking in a way that improved navigation and crawlability. That audit coincided with a year-long web design process.

A content audit identified top landing pages and provided recommendations that would help drive more traffic and end customers. Our team researched popular training content topics and developed an editorial calendar to publish posts regularly on the blog, and trained their existing editorial team on how to produce more successful content to help establish our client as an expert in the software training industry.

Over the full 6 years of our engagement with this client, our primary ongoing focus aside from supporting the content team consisted of developing ongoing promotional campaigns targeting industry influencers and related publications. Tactics included guest posting, branded partnerships, content promotion, resource link building, and more.


  • Technical SEO
  • Content Audit & Editorial Calendar Development
  • Ongoing Link Acquisition

Client Profile

  • Audience: B2B
  • Business Model: Services
  • Client Size: SMB


Year One Results

During the first year of our engagement, our client saw non-paid traffic increase by 56% with a 13% lift in conversions over the previous year. Organic traffic resulted in a 66% year-over-year increase to targeted landing pages with an 11% increase in conversions.

Early Content Result

Content research & editorial calendar lead to a 234% increase in organic blog traffic in the first 6 months of 2014 over the previous 6-month period after content development began.

Long-Term Partnership Results

Overall, the client saw a 1,381% growth in overall site traffic, with over 85% of 2018 traffic coming from organic search. That represents a 56.71% compound annual growth rate over that 6-year period.