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In addition to our agency services, Fixture Media owns and operates the following publishing and eCommerce properties.

We particularly focus on sustainability-driven brands and are always looking to acquire or partner with new web properties that fit into that mission.

You can find advertising and sponsored content opportunities here.

The source for people who DIY their food, their decor, their landscaping—or who aspire to. Expert-written farming, gardening, and outdoor living content.

Expert-written tutorials and tips to help passionate DIY crafters make what they need out of what they have.

green frog on green leaf in selective focus photography

Understanding Planet Earth and the science and sustainability concerns that surround us.

People who want the planet to look as good as they do come to Feel Good Style for news about eco-friendly cosmetics and fashion.

Pantry Paratus is your go-to source for everything food preservation – from putting away the harvest, to making sure your family’s kitchen is fully stocked for every season.